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The Lighty laser LED projector displays whatever wherever

editors-choiceEverybody loves heading to the movie theaters. The experience of watching a thrilling drama or pulse-pounding action flick is enhanced by the big screen, so much so that people will go as far as buying a projector for their own home to always have the big screen option. The problem lies in how expensive and bulky the projector usually can be, putting a damper on installation along with any ideas of portability.

In creating Lighty, inventor Ovidiu Sandru set out to combine robotic design with an HD laser projector. The result is a mechanical projector with integrated Android tablet that features a self-orientating, self-leveling 360° panoramic projector head that can display media on walls as well as ceilings. A double tap, touchless gesture or voice recognition can all wake Lighty up when ready to be used, and it can even work with products like the Leap Motion to extend control options.

The biggest benefit to Lighty’s design is its 20,000 hour laser LED that displays crisp pictures at any distance, eliminating the need for image focusing. When not in use displaying the latest Netflix hit, it can be used as an internet radio device for up to 10 hours as well. Lighty is going for $790 with a ship date of April 2016. Its Indiegogo campaign is looking for $15,000 by June 19th, 2016.

Lighty is an interesting mixture of robotics and traditional projector technology, resulting in a device that has a lot of personality. Its use of a laser LED is another uncommon choice that seems to pay dividends when it comes to image quality. While it comes with built-in speakers, they’re certain not be as high-quality when compared to those found in the JmGO View and Z4 Aurora. These two are far more refined projector offerings in general, with the former sporting a higher level of portability and the latter offering up a more complete package — perfect for those looking for a little more design with their projector tech.

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