Music Networking

Hub lets you stream wireless hi-fi audio to multiple users

It would be nice if multiple people could all listen to a song, play a videogame, or watch TV using their own headphones or earbuds. It would be especially nice if the sound provided was hi-fi-quality.

Hub is a device that enables existing headphones or speakers to receive wireless, hi-fi audio from any source. Each user just selects a battery-powered sound “puck” receiver from the Hub base station. Each person can control the volume on their own headphones. In addition to promising better sound quality than many wireless audio solutions,

Hub touts a range of at least 50 feet -– better than Bluetooth or RF. The Hub base station connects to an AC power outlet and charges the sound pucks via wireless induction charging. The sound pucks are just placed on the base unit to recharge.

Hub starts shipping in June 2017 in a full-size version for four users and a Mini model for two users. The Mini’s future price is $199, but early bird Kickstarter users can get one for a pledge starting at $139. Future pricing of the standard version isn’t provided. But early bird backers can get one for a pledge starting at $209. Hub’s makers hope to raise $100,000 by May 22.

Hub is a handy device to have for multiple usage scenarios, including watching movies outside at night. As usual with crowdsourced audio products, it’s impossible to gauge from the campaign alone just how strong the quality of its sound is.



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