Connected Objects

With Tootz, your digital life has never been more colorful

The one thing the world so desperately needs isn’t electric cars, robotic servants/eventual overlords, or even to get to Mars. What the world really needs are unicorns. The more, the better. The critical lack of unicorns prancing around the grasslands of the world has always been a troubling sign of things gone awry. Luckily, Tootz the Unicorn is here to shower our reality with the rainbows disturbingly absent from everyday life.

As is common knowledge, unicorn rainbows don’t just appear out of thin air but rather the magical backsides of these wondrous creatures. Tootz the Unicorn is no exception: every time a Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, or Gmail notification comes through to a smartphone or web browser, multicolored joy billows out from the enchanted deity’s rear end.

The USB or battery-powered figure rests comfortably on a preferably easy-to-see surface so that users can always stay informed about their internet lives. But really, that’s missing the point: while users may indeed be more informed, the important thing to keep in mind is that with Tootz, there’s a unicorn that spreads rainbow bliss. For those interested (and let’s face it, that’s pretty much everyone), Tootz can be had for $89 and is slated to ship November 2016. Its Indiegogo campaign is looking for $9,000 by May 21st, 2016.

Tootz not only works with the aforementioned social services but can also apparently be configured to work with other services. While there’s no mention of the exact details of how the process works, the important thing is that Tootz exists and with it, billowing, psychedelic clouds of pure awesomeness.

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