Connected Objects

With Tootz, your digital life has never been more colorful

The one thing the world so desperately needs isn’t electric cars, robotic servants/eventual overlords, or even to get to Mars. What the world really needs are unicorns. The more, the better. The critical lack of unicorns prancing around the grasslands of the world has always been a troubling sign of things gone awry. Luckily, Tootz the Unicorn is here to shower our reality with the rainbows disturbingly absent from everyday life.

As is common knowledge, unicorn rainbows don’t just appear out of thin air but rather the magical backsides of these wondrous creatures. Tootz the Unicorn is no exception: every time a Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, or Gmail notification comes through to a smartphone or web browser, multicolored joy billows out from the enchanted deity’s rear end.

Smart Home

Kepler gas monitor helps keep homes from exploding

The Premise. Gas leaks are a common, dangerous occurrence in homes. It can be difficult to tell exactly when gas is leaking and often too late to fix the problem. In addition, when it’s known that a gas leak is occurring, it is unclear when the room should simply be aired out, or the house evacuated altogether. Carbon monoxide is another silent killer that can only be detected by technology.

The Product. A home gas connector, Kepler sits on the wall and features a rechargeable battery for maximum utility. It has an alarm for when gas levels reach a high level and the alarm gets louder as levels become dangerous. The product’s look seems a bit inspired by that of the Nest Protect, or perhaps it’s Honeywell thermostat, the Lyric. — gray, white and round with a monochrome display. The alarm beeps and also flashes red. When not in use, the display shows the time. It’s portable and can be transported into any room in the house. Since cooking leads to many gas leaks, Kepler also has a built-in timer to make preparing food safer. Kepler also sends alerts to your smartphone using an accompanying app.

The Pitch. Kepler’s creator talks about the dangers of gas leaks in the video, explaining that he has lost loved ones in such a situation. The rest of the campaign features detailed photographs displaying each of the product’s capabilities. This Chinese product hopes to raise $30,000 CAD during its 30-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. Kepler offers two early bird tiers at $60 and $70 CAD. At a regular price with different color options, Kepler costs $80 CAD with estimated delivery in November 2014. Reward tiers go all the way up to $8,000 CAD.

The Potential. Kepler’s appeal comes from its all-inclusive design. Many gas/carbon monoxide detectors exist, but not all have as many features as Kepler does. The Kidde Gas/Carbon Monoxide Alarm Dector, for example, doesn’t have the kitchen timer, app integration and general portability of the Kepler. In addition, it simply doesn’t look as good. Kepler’s smart and stylish design make it a perfect addition to any home safety system.