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Cor becomes core to your health tracking efforts

Health-tracking devices are becoming increasingly popular. But there is one element of the equation that is typically missing from most of them: the ability to actually gauge what’s going on in the blood.

patent-claimedCor is a consumer blood analyzer that makes it fast and simple for people to get an in-depth understanding of what what’s going on inside the body at any time. Users just have to press the Cor Cartridge anywhere against their arm to get a blood sample. Unlike getting blood drawn at a doctor’s office, Cor uses a fine needle that takes a surface-level blood sample, so it’s faster and promises to be completely painless.

After taking a sample, the Cor Cartridge is placed in the Cor Reader device which, using patented vibrational spectroscopic technology, analyzes the sample and quickly provides a report on the user’s overall health trends, including key indicators like cholesterol (HDL, LDL and total), fasting blood glucose and triglycerides. The results are sent to an app for unspecified devices that provides a report to the user.

Cor starts shipping in October. Future pricing is $299, but early bird Indiegogo backers have been able to get one for a pledge starting at $149. Its makers hope to raise $50,000 by May 8. Cor is a handy device to have for anybody closely tracking their health. It remains to be seen how actionable its recommendations are.

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