MyBiody Balance sensor checks vitals, keeps you fit and healthy

Many connected fitness devices don’t provide health insights that go much beyond the number of steps being taken by the user and the number of calories burned.

MyBiody Balance from French company Biody Balance & Régime Connecté (BBRC) fully takes into account user data including age, weight, size and gender. It can be used by fitness enthusiasts, seniors, athletes, or any other consumers who would like a way to better monitor their health.

This portable device relies upon bioelectrical impedance (bio-impedance) analysis, a commonly used system of estimating body composition. The device performs an immediate body check-up when pressed against a user’s ankle, measuring and analyzing body composition accurately and in real time. In order to do this, it also takes into account muscle mass, hydration, fat mass, bone mineral content and excess weight. The data can easily be viewed on an intuitive dashboard available on smartphones, tablets and computers. The campaign seems to be missing from CrowdedRocket, but the product can still be checked out on the Web site.

MyBiody Balance may well be more accurate than many other wearable fitness devices on the market, such as SensoTRACK, Fitbit and Jawbone. However, MyBiody Balance lacks the wearable component of rival devices. Some consumers might see that as a benefit, but others, especially those who like to show off their latest tech gadgets, will see that as a drawback.  The latter camp may see this more as a medical instrument along the lines of a thermometer than an appealing new tech toy.

Connected Objects Cooking

MAID smart oven trades in a cookbook for digital display and an app

Burnt brownies? Melted macaroni? Catastrophic couscous? Fear not, intrepid culinary explorer, as the MAID Oven is here to guide you towards gastronomic glory. Let the smart oven be your personal kitchen assistant with its touchscreen display and ability to recognize both gestures and voice to tell you exactly what ingredients to use and how to prepare a dish from a database of crowdsourced recipes.

Don your apron with pride when you expand your talents by discovering little-known recipes from around the world, and share yours with the world when you feel experimental. Don’t get lazy though, and make sure that apron continues to fit with the dietary and exercise suggestions provided by the companion iOS/Android app which interfaces with your smartphone to track your activity during the day and suggests appropriate foods. These recommendations are tailored to your culinary habits and caloric needs over time, factoring in the adjustments you personally make to recipes as well to make them all your own. Throughout all of this, you still retain control over every part of the process , but when the MAID Oven can automatically set time and temperature during cooking, why would you care? The MAID Oven can be had for a donation of $449 for delivery in November 2015. The campaign is seeking to raise $50,000.

Having been in production for about two and half years now, the time and effort put into this product shines through. It’s incredibly robust and fully featured, offering a full oven that can make sizable amounts of food. Here’s hoping the build quality is something that will last. The box is mighty big, too, and finding space for it in smaller places might pose a challenge. To be honest, the only thing the MAID Oven is missing a 3D printer capable of creating the food itself, but we’ll wait around to see where subsequent versions lead before getting ahead of ourselves.


Food and Beverage

Splash Infuser drops in to add flavoring to water

Sugary beverages are the bane of many people’s diets, adding an entirely unnecessary amount of sugar to their daily intake everyday. We’re recommended about 40g of sugar a day, but most drinks have 10 times that amount. Many drinks also come laden with unsafe chemicals in plastic containers made with harmful materials, compounding the issue even more. Companies have tried marketing infused water as an alternative to unhealthy drinks, but even those can prove unsafe.

The people over at Cardboard Helicopter have long considered these problems and have created the Splash Infuser in response. It takes the form of a small container with holes large enough to let muddled fruit mingle with water without letting a bunch of seeds into the drink. Made from BPA-free, food grade plastic ensures that no unwanted chemicals find their way into your infused drink as well, whether it be water or alcoholic in nature. The company has already ironed out the model but needs $15,000 to start a large production run. Just $15 gets you in the door to all the watery infused goodness you can handle.