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Auroma One offers a smart solution for waking up to aroma of fresh coffee

Many coffee machines do a pretty good of making it easy to brew some java each morning.

Auroma One, however, is a modern take on the coffee machine –- a smart, single-serve coffee maker that brews the beverage based on each user’s preferences. The device learns how users prefer their coffee based on feedback from the accompanying Android and iOS app for mobile devices. Auroma One provides control over the brewing process that includes how finely the coffee beans are chopped and the coffee’s exact temperature. It also informs users when coffee beans are running low. Any coffee beans can be used with the device, according to its Kickstarter campaign.

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Ember cools off hot beverages as much as you’d like

There have been several mugs for keeping coffee hot touted on crowdsourcing sites in recent months. But Ember goes a couple of steps further than a device like the Nano Heated Wireless Mug, which promises to keep coffee hot for 45 minutes.

patent-claimedEmber is a temperature-controlled travel mug that quickly cools off coffee or tea that’s too hot. It then keeps the liquid at the temperature its user chooses for two hours when on the go or all day when used with the included, cordless charging coaster, according to its Indiegogo campaign. Its patented microprocessor-controlled heating system works with a network of sensors to accomplish that.

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Splash Infuser drops in to add flavoring to water

Sugary beverages are the bane of many people’s diets, adding an entirely unnecessary amount of sugar to their daily intake everyday. We’re recommended about 40g of sugar a day, but most drinks have 10 times that amount. Many drinks also come laden with unsafe chemicals in plastic containers made with harmful materials, compounding the issue even more. Companies have tried marketing infused water as an alternative to unhealthy drinks, but even those can prove unsafe.

The people over at Cardboard Helicopter have long considered these problems and have created the Splash Infuser in response. It takes the form of a small container with holes large enough to let muddled fruit mingle with water without letting a bunch of seeds into the drink. Made from BPA-free, food grade plastic ensures that no unwanted chemicals find their way into your infused drink as well, whether it be water or alcoholic in nature. The company has already ironed out the model but needs $15,000 to start a large production run. Just $15 gets you in the door to all the watery infused goodness you can handle.

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Cooler Bobs light up your cooler for finding your drink in the dark

With tailgate and fall camping seasons in full swing, here is a nifty idea for enjoying those cold beverages without having to guess what’s being fished out of the cooler.

Cooler Bobs add a bit of color to the outdoor night life. The luminescent light bearers hide under the ice in coolers and emanate an optional blue, red or green hue through the cubes, with additional colors expected to be available in the near future. That way, bare hands spend as little time as necessary finding a drink, and parched tongues don’t end up disappointed by an unpalatable flavor.

It would be interesting to know what is being used to cause the round orbs to light up party time coolers, though one would hope that the creators have considered that if any heat is being given off, the ice melts faster. For $10, backers get one product with an expected delivery of December 2014.