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Auroma One offers a smart solution for waking up to aroma of fresh coffee

Many coffee machines do a pretty good of making it easy to brew some java each morning.

Auroma One, however, is a modern take on the coffee machine –- a smart, single-serve coffee maker that brews the beverage based on each user’s preferences. The device learns how users prefer their coffee based on feedback from the accompanying Android and iOS app for mobile devices. Auroma One provides control over the brewing process that includes how finely the coffee beans are chopped and the coffee’s exact temperature. It also informs users when coffee beans are running low. Any coffee beans can be used with the device, according to its Kickstarter campaign.

Auroma One ships in October 2016. The future price of a version without a grinder or metal filter is $349, although early bird backers can get one at $299. Those opting for one that includes a grinder and metal filter is $449, but early bird backers can get one of those at pricing that starts at $379 or $349 with only the grinder. Early bird backers can also get one at $249 without the grinder. Its makers are out to raise $100,000 by Jan. 9.

The coffee maker is sure to be appealing to many coffee lovers –- as long as it works exactly as the campaign claims. But there’s just too many coffee makers on the market, including smart options like Arist, to call it a sure thing.


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