Lighting Television

AmbiScreen lights up the backs of your screens and more

Ambient TV backlighting technology has so far failed to find a major audience in the U.S. despite several attempts by companies including Philips and its Ambilight. More recently, the makers of Project-Pyxis failed to reach their funding goals for that device.

AmbiScree is a new, LED-based backlighting device with somewhat more ambitious functionality than some prior products. It is controlled wirelessly via iOS (and later Android) mobile devices, and provides ambient lighting for TVs or any other display, as well as videogame consoles and any other device in the home, according to its Indiegogo campaign. AmbiScreen can also be used as an autonomous mood light system. So, in addition to creating light behind a TV, it can also be used to create ambient lighting in bathrooms and other rooms.

AmbiScreen ships in April. Future pricing for the standard version is $199, but early bird backers can get one at $149. Hand-made limited edition models in black and white carry future pricing of $299, but early bird backers can get either of those for $199. AmbiScreen’s makers are out to raise $50,000 by Jan. 10.

There is probably an audience for such a device despite the inability of ambient TV lighting to attract significant interest thus far in the U.S. Negatives for AmbiScreen, for now anyway, include the fact that it initially doesn’t support HDMI 2.0 or smart bulbs. But its makers say they’re trying to add those features down the road.

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