Food and Beverage

iCup and iPlate offers a one-hand solution for juggling plates and cups

Barbecue and beer go together like summer and sunburn. But it’s sometimes tough to juggle both food and beverage while mingling .  A plate in one hand and a drink in the other doesn’t leave much for greeting guests at social gatherings and trying to balance the cup on top of the plate risks spillage.

The iCup and iPlate hope to slide in a solution to the issue of one-handed consumption  The cup attaches into grooves on the bottom of the plate so that it doubles as a handle. The plate also acts as a lid to keep the bugs out of the drink and the cup acts to stabilize the plate. If the food needs utensils, the iFork and iKnife snap into the sides of the plate for easy access. Finally, by helping guests keep their cup close at hand, the system helps address the issue of identifying whose cup belongs to whom. A starter set of four (dispsoable) cups, four plates, and four sets of utensils is only $15, with expected delivery of November 2015. The campaign hopes to raise $10,000 by August 13, 2015,

It would be nice to have a non-disposable option. And, of course, taking full advantage of the plasticware requires getting all the products from one source. Still, the plate and cup combo is an ingenious solution to an age-old problem that looks at the drink-balancing issue from the reverse perspective. It doesn’t make guests look silly even though they’ll probably have to be shown the sliding trick.


Nutshellz is the cup for stopping a bullet to the groin

One of the most important purchases any athlete can make is a groin guard. Most sports require it, and for two extremely good reasons. Unfortunately, most groin guards can be bulky, uncomfortable, and be made from less than convincing materials.

The aptly named Nutshellz groin guard is positioning itself as the end all be all of groin protection. It packs a combination of carbon fiber and kevlar covered with aerospace grade laminate to make it look pretty. With these materials, Nutshellz even boasts the product can stop a bullet and although it may sound preposterous, it’s true — just check out the campaign for yourself. It’s seeking to raise $30,000 by June 23, 2015. Each Nutshellz will cost $35, but only for a youth model for now. Backers can expect their very own by December 2015.

One of the best groin guards on the market is the Diamond MMA, and besides their heavy duty materials, offers superior comfort. If Nutshellz doesn’t do that same, the absolute best materials in the world won’t mean a thing.


Phillup color-coded kids cups cut down on waste

It’s amazing how a cup collection seems to grow in each child’s room like a massive weed, and how that seems to sprawl into many others rooms in the house. Phillup was created to help control the outrageous number of cups that get used by kids on a daily basis and cut down on the frequency of washing them.

The hangable kid cup consists of a cup with a loop that can be hung on a matching hook. The cups come in several colors, so they can be color-coded and each child assigned a color. Then they can just reuse their cup throughout the day when drinking water. The cups are also BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

This does seem to offer a solution to a pretty common problem, though there is also the option of just buying plastic cups and writing each child’s name on it with a permanent marker. Backers with little ones might also like to check out WetHeads and Puggle. This campaign seeks to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter. Backers get one product for $8, with an expected delivery of May 2015.

Food and Beverage

Twistter cup stirs up your drink when you tilt it

For those icy cold, bleary-eyed Monday mornings when stirring one’s java with one’s own hand is just too much effort, there is an automated alternative awaiting its big moment to spin onto the scene. Twistter cup uses a magnetic rotor and tilt of the mug to blend caffeinated delights and help burn off the post weekend haze within one’s mind that may well be as thick as the fog outside. And when one grows weary of all that swirling, the user maintains complete control by simply tilting the cup in the opposite direction – at least where the stuff in the cup is concerned. Even the intensity of the spinning can be determined by choosing whether blades will remain up or face down away from the liquid. If only all things in life were so simple. But alas, while a spoon and the ‘hassle’ of stirring one’s own beverage may be avoidable, it’s unclear as to whether or not the cup is dishwasher safe.  This campaign seeks to raise $20,000 by November 20, 2014. Backers get one Twistter for $16, with an expected delivery of February 2015.

Games Sports

Oche Pong elevates a beer pong setup to the classiness of a dartboard

28cbd33d4ea10eae4df00764eaab3e8f_largeBeer pong isn’t just a frat bro’s claim to fame anymore. Phinneas Innovations LLC wants to get the storied game out from college campuses and into the livers of those everywhere with their Oche Pong, a modified version that tilts the cups at a 45° angle, hangs them on the nearest wall, and transforms the game. It also has feet for those places without walls, like the beach, or tailgating parties. $35 is the asking price for the novelty, while the company is looking for $34,000 to it into homes by February 2015 the latest.