Nutshellz is the cup for stopping a bullet to the groin

One of the most important purchases any athlete can make is a groin guard. Most sports require it, and for two extremely good reasons. Unfortunately, most groin guards can be bulky, uncomfortable, and be made from less than convincing materials.

The aptly named Nutshellz groin guard is positioning itself as the end all be all of groin protection. It packs a combination of carbon fiber and kevlar covered with aerospace grade laminate to make it look pretty. With these materials, Nutshellz even boasts the product can stop a bullet and although it may sound preposterous, it’s true — just check out the campaign for yourself. It’s seeking to raise $30,000 by June 23, 2015. Each Nutshellz will cost $35, but only for a youth model for now. Backers can expect their very own by December 2015.

One of the best groin guards on the market is the Diamond MMA, and besides their heavy duty materials, offers superior comfort. If Nutshellz doesn’t do that same, the absolute best materials in the world won’t mean a thing.

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