MagBlind uses magnets to pick up the slats when they all fall down

Those PVC vertical plastic blinds that come in many apartments or “value” priced newer homes are a great inexpensive way to protect one’s privacy. But if one has pets or small children, it doesn’t take long for a slat or two or more to break. There are very few ways to fix these blinds outside of replacing them – until MagBlind.

The simple, but effective repair kit includes two magnets that attach to the top of the broken slat with 3M tape. Then the metal stem gets inserted into the blinds and the slat stays attached via magnetization. MagBlind is detachable, so one can take it along if moving into a new home with vertical slat blinds.

This seems like an excellent idea and quality product that fixes a very common problem that comes with these blinds. Backers looking for a way to automate these blinds might want to check out EZ Wand, and Tilt My Blinds. This campaign seeks to raise $500 by February 20, 2015. For $2, backers get one repair kit with an expected delivery of March 2015.

Food and Beverage

Twistter cup stirs up your drink when you tilt it

For those icy cold, bleary-eyed Monday mornings when stirring one’s java with one’s own hand is just too much effort, there is an automated alternative awaiting its big moment to spin onto the scene. Twistter cup uses a magnetic rotor and tilt of the mug to blend caffeinated delights and help burn off the post weekend haze within one’s mind that may well be as thick as the fog outside. And when one grows weary of all that swirling, the user maintains complete control by simply tilting the cup in the opposite direction – at least where the stuff in the cup is concerned. Even the intensity of the spinning can be determined by choosing whether blades will remain up or face down away from the liquid. If only all things in life were so simple. But alas, while a spoon and the ‘hassle’ of stirring one’s own beverage may be avoidable, it’s unclear as to whether or not the cup is dishwasher safe.  This campaign seeks to raise $20,000 by November 20, 2014. Backers get one Twistter for $16, with an expected delivery of February 2015.

Input Technology

Tactalis is so close to revolutionizing touch screen technology, it can feel it

The Premise. Almost every device on the market these days needs a touch screen in order to succeed, as the newest wave of input allows users to interact with their devices in a natural, convenient way. Still, where touch displays should make things easier, without anything to feel by, a touch screen is useless to those who lack other senses.

The Product. Touching buttons to launch apps is one thing, but being able to feel them and identify them without necessarily pressing them is what the Tactalis Origin Tactile Computer offers. Using a metal stylus or a magnetic ring, the Tactalis system puts a system of switches and magnets under any LCD panel, creating a sensation of touch for any image that is normally displayed as a static, flat representation. Additionally, Tactalis is pushing itself as a marketplace of software that utilizes this technology, allowing an entire niche market of apps that can be felt to be developed on the platform, giving vision impaired users access to programs and features that many already take for granted.

The Pitch. The core concept behind Tactalis isn’t just altruistic, it’s also cool. Their campaign materials do a great job of blending these two core aspects of the product’s identity, focusing as much on what adding the sensation of touch can add to existing programs as it does on what said features will enable the blind community to do as far as independent travel, work, and learn. Tactalis is trying to get their hands on $40,000 CAD to bring the Origin Tactile Computer to the masses.

The Perks. With plenty of reward tiers, it’s not until the $2,500 CAD level that backers can actually (and literally) get their hands on an Origin Tactile Computer powered by Tactalis. For twice as much money, at the $5,000 CAD level, the Origin Tactile Computer will come with a carrying case, an accessory pack, and a license offering free access to all Tactalis software. All perks are set to arrive in May 2015.

The Potential. Any technology that offers accessibility to a group of people that currently lack it is sure to make a big splash. The Tactalis Origin Tactile Computer brings back the dimension of touch to devices that have for too long lacked such a feature. While it may seem like nothing more than a novel and unnecessary idea to the bulk of the touch screen-using community, blind users would be able to navigate and use the Internet in a new and intuitive way that can better relay important information. It’s not the first attempt at a tactile display, but the more practical approach using magnets as opposed to a dynamically raised display seems to give it a nod ahead of Tactus in terms of speed to market.

Cell Phone Accessories Chargers/Batteries

Cabin makes sleek portable charging a magnetic reality

cabinWith all the accessories that drain a phone’s battery life, it’s always nice to see one that actually prolongs it. Cabin is a slim, ergonomic attachment for the iPhone that uses the magnetic connection to lock into place and charge without obstructing any of the pivotal iPhone features or even the handheld size of the phone. While this makes for great on-the-go charging, it also works with a custom dock that allows data synchronization and charges both iPhone and Cabin simultaneously. This looks like a convenient way to add more battery life without making the iPhone clunky, but the requirement of a whole new dock just to charge both at once seems a bit much. Cabin will be out in November for $99.


Connected Objects Food and Beverage

Pizza Bite Button summons extra cheese, avoids extra effort

Pizza Bite ButtonItalian eaters and pizza enjoyers usually order pizza quite a bit. The worst part about ordering is trying to talk to your favorite pizza joint over the clanking of pots and pans and angry Italian patrons. The Pizza Bite Button is a magnetic button that, when pushed, orders a preset list of items to your favorite local pizza place. This button even pays automatically as well. Backers must shell out a whopping $100 for this product with an estimated delivery date of September 2014. Lazy pizza eaters may opt to just pick up the phone instead. The Pizza Bite Button hopes to raise $56,000 in its 45-day Indiegogo campaign.


FLUX magnetic toy creates gravity-slowing illusion

FLUXThose who like to keep their hands busy usually resort to knitting, playing iPhone games or fondling Baoding balls. FLUX offers the same amusement as these pastimes with an extra perk of fun physics. FLUX is a toy that is basically a cylinder and ball duo. The ball passes through the cylinder more slowly than gravity allows, creating a cool illusion. It is a distressed magnetic field that causes this effect, unlike the Fushigi Ball that fails to deliver on its supposed gravity-defying fun. FLUX comes in different colors and goes for $49 on Indiegogo. This cool toy hopes to raise $25,000 in a 45-day campaign.

Camping Luggage and Bags Tools

Qlipter is the final word in carabiners

qlipterWhen the carabiner made the jump from mountain climbing tool to everyday accessory, it seemed like the garment clip industry had pretty much reached its zenith. Now comes the Qlipter, a small and mighty device that looks like a standard carabiner but is capable of so much more. Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Qlipter has a rotating hook built into its design, meaning that anything clipped can be hung and allowed to swivel freely.  The clip is also magnetized to help keep it securely shut for towing or hauling smaller items onto larger ones. Backers can get a Qlipter of their very own to hang onto for $20, delivered in August.

Cell Phone Accessories Organization

Nunchuk keeps your earbuds, metal minutiae, closely clipped

NunchukLife gets messy and cluttered with all of those little things we need to live our lives day to day. Money, keys, pens, and other debris seem to float around with little rhyme or reason. Nunchuk is not a weapon, but a small flexible magnetic strip that wraps around your personal flotsam and jetsam. Several magnets make the vegan leather product able to fit around different sized and shaped objects. One of these nifty accessories costs backers $13 with an estimated delivery date of July 2014. Nunchuk needs to raise $3,700 in its short 16-day run on Kickstarter to fight its way onto the market.

Apparel Cycling

KATCH toes the hemline for skirt-wearing cyclists

KATCHEver ride around on a bike in a cute skirt only to end up flashing the world when a gust of wind blows your honor away? Try KATCH, a magnet that keeps your skirt in place when on the go. The metal cuff can be worn as a bracelet or honor-preserver by weighing short skirts or dresses down so nothing is revealed. This clever product may be just the thing for pedal-pumping women unwilling to compromise style for functionality. KATCH comes in different styles and colors and one goes for only $10 with an estimated delivery date of May 2014. KATCH hopes to catch $5,000 from backers in their 30-day run on Kickstarter.

Tech Accessories

earMC plays earbud management close to the vest

earMC  20140309094031-earMC_jog2[1]Dooh! Those pesky earphone and headphone wires! They can get as tangled as wild vines in a forest and really complicate things when you just want to hear some good music during your workout routine or other activities. Whether your exercise of choice is hiking, jogging, cycling, or some other activity, earMc not only keeps those wires under control, but lets you look stylish, too. The small accessory item holds wires in place through magnetic force and comes in several color options. For $7, backers can choose from five colors, or $9 offers a jeweled heart or diamond style. Expected delivery is April 2014. If this seems interesting, you might also want to check out  Nearbuds and Nearbuddy.