MagBlind uses magnets to pick up the slats when they all fall down

Those PVC vertical plastic blinds that come in many apartments or “value” priced newer homes are a great inexpensive way to protect one’s privacy. But if one has pets or small children, it doesn’t take long for a slat or two or more to break. There are very few ways to fix these blinds outside of replacing them – until MagBlind.

The simple, but effective repair kit includes two magnets that attach to the top of the broken slat with 3M tape. Then the metal stem gets inserted into the blinds and the slat stays attached via magnetization. MagBlind is detachable, so one can take it along if moving into a new home with vertical slat blinds.

This seems like an excellent idea and quality product that fixes a very common problem that comes with these blinds. Backers looking for a way to automate these blinds might want to check out EZ Wand, and Tilt My Blinds. This campaign seeks to raise $500 by February 20, 2015. For $2, backers get one repair kit with an expected delivery of March 2015.

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