Dolfi ultrasonic laundry device uses good vibrations to wash out bad stains

The only way to wash delicates and other fragile material is by doing it by hand. This means filling a sink with water and trying hard to work the soap through the fibers. However, the gentle nature of hand washing usually means that the job isn’t ever done well.

Dolfi promises to change all that. This little device shaped like a bar of soap uses ultrasonic technology to wash clothing. To use just fill a sink with water, clothing and detergent and place Dolfi inside. It vibrates providing a gentle way to clean clothing for 30 minutes. Dolfi plugs into the wall, so let’s hope the cord is properly insulated.

As the campaign states, this tool is great for travelers and for those who like to take good care of their unmentionables. Interested backers can have their own for a donation of $89 with delivery in August 2015. Dolfi is hoping to raise $100,000 with the help of Indiegogo.

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