Connected Objects Health and Wellness

The ADAFlow massages aches and pains away

As much as current societal norms dictate, humans were not at all designed to sit still for extended periods of time, whether on long road trips, on cramped flights, or in the office for most of the day. This sort of sedentary lifestyle causes stiffness, soreness, and health issues in both the short and the long term.

One of the best things one can do in this situation is simply move, but that’s not always possible. ADAFlow wants to be the go-to alternative. It looks and acts like an inflatable cuff a doctor uses to measure blood pressure, but instead promotes blood circulation by generating waves of pressure that massage the upper or lower leg. The intensity and interval of the waves can be set right on the device itself, and is rechargeable so batteries need not be hassled with.  $119 can get achey, sore backers relief in the form of the ADAFlow, due to be shipped March 2017. The ADAFlow campaign is looking for $65,000 by June 23, 2016.

ADAFlow is perfect for office chair-bound employees, older individuals, and even athletes. It’s also great for recovering patients who can’t move due to a sickness or surgery, which is unsurprisingly the direction the team behind ADAFlow wants to eventually take. Still, what should be an integrated feature in Bluetooth compatibility and control is inexplicably linked to a rather lofty stretch goal — despite it being prominently advertised.

Safety Smartwatches/Bands

Safelet bracelet lets you discreetly alert others when danger lurks

SafeletThe world can be a dangerous place and it’s always nice to have extra piece of mind when traipsing around alone at night. The Safelet is a bracelet from the Netherlands that interacts with your smartphone. It lets you choose “guardians” to alert when danger is present. The wearer simply pushes two buttons simultaneously to call for help from guardians, other Safelet wearers in the vicinity or the police. Once the buttons are pushed, the bracelet lets the receivers know the location of the wearer and the bracelet begins recording. Many safety bracelets have come to the market recently like the stylish Cuff and the 1Decision Bracelet for kids. One Safelet costs backers $199 USD. Safelet is looking to raise $40,000 in its Indiegogo campaign.

Apparel Cycling

KATCH toes the hemline for skirt-wearing cyclists

KATCHEver ride around on a bike in a cute skirt only to end up flashing the world when a gust of wind blows your honor away? Try KATCH, a magnet that keeps your skirt in place when on the go. The metal cuff can be worn as a bracelet or honor-preserver by weighing short skirts or dresses down so nothing is revealed. This clever product may be just the thing for pedal-pumping women unwilling to compromise style for functionality. KATCH comes in different styles and colors and one goes for only $10 with an estimated delivery date of May 2014. KATCH hopes to catch $5,000 from backers in their 30-day run on Kickstarter.

Cell Phone Accessories Connected Objects Watches and Jewelry Wearables

Cuff signals stylish connected piece of mind at the touch of a button

The Premise. When you aren’t with your loved ones, sometimes the worst possibilities run through your mind. Some people use GPS tracking applications to know where there friends are safe, but if they become detached to their phone, they have no way of signaling for help. Wouldn’t it be nice to always have a guaranteed peace of mind that your loved one is safe?

The Product. Cuff is a line of products that look like sophisticated and fashionable jewelry, but inconspicuously hides a wide range of safety features. If your partner is in distress, they simply press a button on their jewelry, and everyone in their circle of close ones receives their location and other information they need to get you help. The current line has products such as necklaces, keys, and of course, cuffs.

The Pitch. Why can’t all Web sites be like this? The graphic design is flawless, the animations are smooth, the pictures are crisp—it all makes the information very easy to take in and absorb. The presentation beams with confidence in the product, and that makes the consumer (or me, at least) confident in their purchase. Oh yeah, their video also looks like high-quality cinematography at moments as well. The pitch is just a wonderful concoction of emotion, credibility, and logic.

The Perks. Currently, Cuff’s line of products are only available for pre-order. As mentioned, there are a variety of options that can range from $50-$150. It depends on what style fits your wardrobe and your fashion, but there are plenty of reasonable options. The Cuff products are expected to be distributed in Fall 2014.

The Potential. Fashion is such an individual thing that it may be challenging to find a Cuff design that will appeal to everyone. However, Cuff is less overbearing and obvious than other tracking applications but provides state of mind that alternative apps do. The only hinderance is the remaining fear that some people may have about privacy in regards to location devices.