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Chew your way to a healthier bod with this connected Spün

editors-choiceBecoming healthier need not be an exercise in extreme dieting, crazy weight loss supplements, and obsessive exercise despite what many people mistakenly think. While a dash of exercise a few times a week will definitely help, the biggest key to better health is simply eating better. And as it turns out, eating better is probably the hardest thing to consistently do well for most.

Manually keeping on top of everything eaten throughout the day is usually what turns most people off to the benefits of doing so. Spün, the connected calorie counting utensils, automatically does all the heavy lifting to leave users alone with their delicious meals. Spün works with its companion app to identify food being through a picture of the plate taken by the user. The app then communicates with Spün to keep track of both how much and how fast the meal is being eaten.

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BitBite tracks your chews to help you lose

It seems like for most, diets live in a perpetual revolving door. Most are started with the greatest of intentions, but it isn’t long before the rigors of daily life make it so that the easily accessible, unhealthy food is chosen every time. As such, maintaining a diet can be an extremely difficult test of willpower. A helpful companion, like the BitBite, can be a huge help in changing damaging habits.

Although other diet helpers like the HAPIfork or the Smart utensils have been introduced as ways to help you eat slower and better, the BitBite takes the technology and makes it a wearable that you place in your ear instead. The hybrid Bluetooth headset is compatible with iOS and Android, and is voice-activated so you can tell it what you’re about it to eat. When that’s done, the device tracks the number of bites you’ve taken along with the pace of your meals. By combining all of that information, your dietary habits are gleaned so as to improve it on the fly with real-time suggestions. Not getting enough calcium? It’ll suggest you eat a yogurt instead of that donut you’re craving.

Smart food suggestions are what make the BitBite a valuable ally in your overall goals. You won’t even have to carry an extra set of silverware everywhere you go. A BitBite can be had for $119 with an estimated delivery date of June 2015. The campaign is looking for a $60,000 infusion.