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Chew your way to a healthier bod with this connected Spün

editors-choiceBecoming healthier need not be an exercise in extreme dieting, crazy weight loss supplements, and obsessive exercise despite what many people mistakenly think. While a dash of exercise a few times a week will definitely help, the biggest key to better health is simply eating better. And as it turns out, eating better is probably the hardest thing to consistently do well for most.

Manually keeping on top of everything eaten throughout the day is usually what turns most people off to the benefits of doing so. Spün, the connected calorie counting utensils, automatically does all the heavy lifting to leave users alone with their delicious meals. Spün works with its companion app to identify food being through a picture of the plate taken by the user. The app then communicates with Spün to keep track of both how much and how fast the meal is being eaten.

Inside the Spün’s handles are sensors that detects when a bite is being taken along with how much that bite weighs to more accurately provide calories counts and macronutritional content. All this data is recorded by the app to help users stay on track throughout the day and hit their dietary goals.

All day battery life combines with detachable utensil heads for more versatility: more durable metal heads for the home and recyclable counterparts on-the-go.  $129 buys backers a starter set — smart handle, carrying case, and interchangeable spoon and fork heads — shipped to their door in August 2016. The Spün Kickstarter campaign is looking for $150,000 by April 29th, 2016 to see success.

The Spün is a well thought-out idea mired by the intrinsic burden of needing it always with the user, not to mention the digital ritual users have to go through before every bite of food. Lost in the shuffle are those bites of food that don’t require a fork or spoon to eat, as well, something the BitBite — with its Bluetooth headphone-esque hardware — has the potential to cover without required a set of utensils.

The product is slickly designed and will nonetheless appeal to many. In either case, combine any of these diet companions with the HidrateMe to ensure you stay hydrated while you eat your way to a healthier body.

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