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Monimoto keeps a connected digital eye on your motorcycle

Motorcycle security systems are usually pretty expensive and require professional installation to install. While it’s probably a good idea for a motorcycle owner to have one installed, most don’t due to how cumbersome it can be to install and maintain them.

The Monimoto smart motorcycle alarm system takes all the wires and professionals out of the equation. Anyone can install the thin black tube using its packaged plastic strips, and all that’s needed to maintain it is a 2G/3G sim card in combination with two CR123 batteries for two years of battery life. With that much longevity, users won’t have to worry about it dying, important for an alarm system.

It’s also low maintenance in how it functions: the Monimoto’s system of keys ensures that the user is always in the know when it comes to their prized possession. There are two keys: a physical master key fob and a smartphone-based smart key (that can be lent to friends!). When both stay within 30 feet of the Monimoto, the device stays in sleep mode while vibrations and motion outside of that distance trigger the alarm and sends the user a notification with exact GPS coordinates.  About $200 gets backers a Monimoto, shipping July 2016. Its Indiegogo campaign is looking $57,000 by May 1st, 2016.

One of the biggest pluses to what the Monimoto offers is a lack of subscription fees, something that could have otherwise turned potential users off to the prospect of buying it. There’s no detail as to how a pair of plastic straps ends up protecting the Monimoto itself, though, an important question considering a rider’s pride and joy is in its security.

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