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Proacmom smart baby bottle delivers push-button heating

The problem with baby bottles is that it can be really hard to get the milk inside them to reach the perfect temperature for babies and to then stay at that perfect temperature for very long. That’s especially the case while traveling.

Proacmom is a smart, rechargeable baby bottle designed to solve that problem. It heats milk in the bottle with just the push of a button, then warms and promises to hold the milk temperature for hours. Proacmom features an LCD thermometer strip that gauges the milk’s temperature, enabling feeding to be done at an optimum temperature. Its double wall insulating layer reduces thermal loss and retains heat, so frequent reheating isn’t needed. Included are a detachable lithium-ion battery and control unit, and Proacmom can be charged using a Micro USB mobile charger, car charger or PC.

Proacmom ships in June at $75 for a set including one 4-ounce and one 9-ounce bottle. But early bird Indiegogo backers can get the same bundle with a pledge as low as $25. Its makers are looking to raise $50,000 by Feb. 24.

There’s potentially a huge market for Proacmom. But there may be too much competition for it to be a sure thing. Prior similar products include the Perfect Baby Bottle Maker, Baby Brezza and Moozi, although Proacmom seems to be a superior choice while on the go.


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