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Camile is an all-in-one bike computer for cycling enthusiasts

While a good, old-fashioned bike ride is always enjoyable, cycling devices no doubt make them better by offering niceties like location tracking and metric monitoring. Combined with action cameras, though, and a bike’s handlebar soon looks cluttered.

MiniWing’s Camile is a combination┬ácycling device that incorporates a GPS module, a cycling computer measuring speed, altitude and distance, and a 1080p camera that boasts a 140┬░ field of vision that records either 30 fps or time-lapse shots. Up to three hours of video can be recorded on its 32GB onboard storage, videos that can be shared to social media thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi antenna.

The $99 device is as big as most action cameras on the market now and comes in five, vibrant colors, all of which are expected to ship in March 2016. MiniWing is looking for $20,000 by March 7th, 2016.

Not many other cycling solutions offer an embedded camera, eliminating the need for a GoPro to stick out like a sore thumb on the handlebars or, worse yet, out the side of a bike helmet. Other products like SmartHalo and SpeedForce offer lots of metrics and even directional information, but without the video feature. Camile sticks out with its simply added but effective feature.

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