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Nourish health shake fabricator mixes your personalized wellness potion at the touch of a button

The Keurig pod coffee maker has become a cultural touchstone for choice and convenience that hasn’t been lost on crowdfunders. Alas, products dispensing helpings of caffeine, sugary soda or booze don’t tend to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Nourish has applied the idea of customized countertop concoctions to the protein supplement market. The device, which features a full display touchscreen front, accommodates 16 pods/”seeds’ that dock into the top of the device and which are surrounded by disco-like rings of light when being tapped. The seeds contain multiple nutrients that Nourish can  combine to produce a mixture that is optimized to one’s nutritional needs as determined by an app-driven assessment. There’s also a companion Apple Watch app to check in and remind when it’s time to guzzle down more nutrients.

Boston-based Fitnatic aspires to collect $65,000 in its flexible funding Indiegogo campaign. The machine, which includes a  one-month supply of powders, goes for $399 (with a $39 shipping charge), That represents a $250 discount off the suggested retail price.

Nourish is ambitious, packing in a variety of nutrients that could fill a couple of shelves at GNC, but only the nutrients that are most relevant for you. It costs quite a bit more than most coffee makers, but for those who take nutrition seriously it could be a much better way to start the day. Fitnatic’s biggest challenge will be convincing customers that it has the longevity to continue to supply seeds for the Nourish.

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