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Cusby releases the potential of USB-C, one module at a time

One day, USB-C — the reversible connector that represents the first change the USB “A” port since its inception — will be everywhere. In addition to everything older USB connectors can do, it can accommodate video connections and power. However, in their eagerness to take advantage of the port’s great versatility, laptop purveyors such as Apple (with its new MacBook) and Google (with the Chromebook Pixel 2) have  offered a limited number of ports with few choices for adapters.

Cusby takes a modular approach to releasing the potential of the USB-C connector. It consists of a number of modular components that allow those with USB-C ports to break out dedicated connectors with tile-like units that are about 1.6″ square. These include the more traditional USB-A, HDMI, and one (or more) USB-C ports.

Multiple versions of each can be added. In fact, the Miami-based creators of Cusby say that, in theory, an unlimited number of modules can be so chained together, but no more than nine are recommended. Cusby is available at $39 for a module of the backer’s choice or for $75 for all available modules, which are expected to ship in October. The campaign seeks $150,000 in its flexible funding Indiegogo campaign.

Cusby is far from the first USB-C add-on we’ve seen. The Hub+ added an SD card reader to a number of ports, for example, an option that would make a good Cusby module. It’s also not the most compact option. However, Cusby’s modularity allows owners of USB-C-equipped computers — and there will be many of them — to either start with a simple adapter and add on or be prepared with a bundle in advance.

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