A modular smartband is what’s Nex

One of the biggest criticisms about most smartwatches and smartbands is unsurprisingly similar to smartphones: they can’t be upgraded. Consumers are forced to buy products with a static set of features that, while they may be expanded on slightly using OTA updates, they eventually become fundamentally outdated after a certain time.

The Nex Band is looking to outfit consumers with a bit more choice. The modular smart band allows users to fully customize it with Mods, small little blocks each with their own functionality. This makes it possible for users to use the iOS app to program hacks in combination with IFTTT, so opening and closing the garage door, turning up the A/C, and controlling every other connected aspect of life is possible — all from the wrist. A community aspect is present where users can share mods with each other.

Throughout this all, haptic and light-based feedback can be customized to always keep users up to date even as it acts as a basic activity tracker as well. A Nex Band goes for $99 and is slated to ship in Spring of 2016.

The wildly successful Blocks smartwatch is the easiest comparison to make with the Nex Band. While Blocks is limited to the blocks available now, its open platform means that it has the potential to do what the Nex Band does at one point and more. The former is a bit more discreet and liberates users from the hassle of using comparatively huge fingers on a tiny screen, alleviating some of the Apple Watch hassle while enjoying some more functionality.

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