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This compact scooter can take you wherever you Zar

That pesky last mile: the scourge of all commuters worldwide. After a long day spent working, the last thing anyone wants to do is extend their trip by another 20-minute walk. Fortunately, the last few years have seen an explosion of options. The Zar by Crazyfire Technology is another.

While claims of having created the world’s best anything is usually met with doubt, Crazyfire’s Zar might just be the lightest, smallest e-scooter to date. Weighing in just 8.8lbs, with a length of almost one and a half feet and a height of almost 4 feet, the Zar is tiny enough to be folded up into a bookbag. This is due to the aluminum and fiberglass construction of its frame. The Zar boasts a 6.2 to 12.5-mile range depending on the battery configuration, with both being able to reach a top speed of 12.5mph.

Each battery is good for five years or 5,000 charging cycles worth of trips. It also features Bluetooth connectivity to allow users to check the health of the battery, record trip paths, and share paths to meet with friends. The Zar goes for $299 and is expected to ship in March 2016 should its $50,000 campaign goal be met by February 20, 2016.

Light and small indeed: the Zar is an ally in the quest for efficient commuting. It parallels the Myway Compact’s mission is creating a much smaller scooter but goes so far beyond its design. It’s like a law of crowdfunding: the more time passes, the smaller e-scooters become.

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