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AirJamz turns air guitar wizards into rockers with a flick of the wrist

editors-choiceTom Cruise may have brought the risky business of air guitar playing in tightey-whiteys into the limelight back in the early ’80s. But today, the usually frivolous activity has a governing body and an annual championship in the U.S.

Now, the one activity that didn’t need a device to go with it finally has one: the AirJamz wearable. The strap works by combining a gyroscope to help translate pantomime shredding from movement to sound using its companion app. Two modes offer differing experiences: Music mode is a four player sandbox that allows the entire family to join in on the fun, while Guitar mode offers a more robust range of motion and tighter controls for a somewhat (and that’s used loosely) more realistic strumming experience.

Unlike Zivix’ previous products, the AirJamz offers neither education nor much utility.But for $59, it delivers a fair degree of fun and entertainment. gets potential rockers an AirJamz and a Bluetooth speaker by August 2016. But its $30,000 by May 18th, 2016.

As with guitar-playing video games, one key to keeping AirJamz’ novelty from wearing off quickly will be maintaining its library. The Moff children’s band is another band that attaches sounds to movements, only this band is surprisingly more versatile than AirJamz in how many sounds it can generate. Still, the AirJamz app adds a lot more to the experience where there previously wasn’t anything at all. If you’re looking to actually learn guitar while furiously strumming air, try the Kurv instead.

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