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View lets you preview time-lapse photography

Intervalometers are handy camera accessories because they allow photographers to operate the shutter at precise moments over a period of time. That’s especially the case while trying to shoot time-lapse photography.

View is a connected intervalometer that is an updated version of the Timelapse+ Intervalometer, with a new set of enhanced features. For one thing, View enables users to preview time-lapse photography while it’s still running. In the process, View makes it simple for camera users to pull off advanced time-lapse photography like a pro without loads of time-wasting trial and error.

With the optional online service, a smartphone can be used to fully control setup and manage a camera and time-lapse remotely.  That includes live viewing, focus control and motion setup, as well as previewing time-lapse and downloading images. It requires the View to be connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, although future support for a USB cell modem is planned.

View ships in June at $380, but early bird Kickstarter backers have been able to get one for a pledge starting at $320. Its makers hope to raise $100,000 by April 30.

This is a handy device for many photographers. While the company guarantees compatibility only with Canon and Nikon interchangeable lens cameras and Sony Alpha models, that covers a lot of ground for the DSLR market. Also, while backers get a free one-year subscription to, that service costs $60 a year after that.



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