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Astro Core adds motion to your time-lapse videos

Motion control isn’t always so easy to achieve with cameras. Camera motion control accessories, after all, tend to be clunky and costly as well.

Astro Core is a motion control and time-lapse trigger for cameras that allows users to easily add motion to time-lapse videos. It can be programmed via an Android and iOS smartphone app using gestures. The Astro App can be used to record the user’s desired motion in mid-air, then send the recorded program to Astro Core and it will precisely mimic that person’s moves. It works with one Astro to create panning or tilting programs, or with two Astros to create simultaneous two-axis motion. It’s small enough to take anywhere, and runs on AA batteries.

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View lets you preview time-lapse photography

Intervalometers are handy camera accessories because they allow photographers to operate the shutter at precise moments over a period of time. That’s especially the case while trying to shoot time-lapse photography.

View is a connected intervalometer that is an updated version of the Timelapse+ Intervalometer, with a new set of enhanced features. For one thing, View enables users to preview time-lapse photography while it’s still running. In the process, View makes it simple for camera users to pull off advanced time-lapse photography like a pro without loads of time-wasting trial and error.

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Enlaps Tikee enables endless time lapse photography

Time-lapse photography is a popular film and video shooting technique that allows viewers to see a long event completed in just a few seconds, such as the full blooming of a flower or the construction of a building from start to finish. But there are three common obstacles to shooting over an extended period of time with a digital camera: battery space, storage capacity and processing.

patent-claimedEnlaps Tikee is a plug-and-play device that removes all of those constraints and allows unlimited time-lapse photography, according to its Kickstarter campaign. It’s powered by an integrated adjustable photovoltaïc solar cell that allows for long-term time-lapse capability. Once captured, photos are wirelessly transmitted to the cloud, which provides a theoretically endless amount of storage space.

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Radian 2 makes regular cameras cool again, provides wireless time lapse effect

Many opt to use their smartphone cameras in lieu of actual cameras. DLSR cameras, however, still produce better quality shots, even though many don’t have the same cool effects that smartphone cameras have.

With the Radian 2, the follow-up to a successful Kickstarter project, photographers get the real camera quality with a fun time lapse effect. This small black and round product attaches to many different types of cameras via a USB port. Using Bluetooth, it connects to one’s smartphone via the accompanying app. The app helps to program the effect including the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. It also receives real time thumbnails of the shots being taken to ensure the camera is capturing what the photographer wants.

This product has lots of potential, especially as it adds extra features and capabilities to its menu. The myriad of camera mounts are quite appealing as well. One will cost backers a donation of $220 for estimated delivery in September 2015. Radian 2 will only enjoy success on Kickstarter if it raises $153,471 in funding.


TurnsPro helps camera users shoot time-lapse photography like a pro

Time-lapse photography is a great tool photographers often employ in order to make it appear that time is moving faster than it actually is. Even for amateur photographers, time-lapse photography is a great way to spice up one’s photos.

TurnsPro is a camera mount that makes it easier to shoot time-lapse photography. It has two modes: Turns mode lets users shoot in real time or take time-lapse photos that can be edited together in post processing; Degrees mode lets users adjust the camera angle as to rotate the camera from 15 to 360 degrees, allowing for a single pan or continuous panning backwards and forwards.  TurnsPro can be used with action cameras like GoPro, small digital cameras, and even smartphones. TurnsPro costs £45 (~$69) and will ship in June. Its maker is hoping to raise £16,000 (~$24,400) by April 1.

While many cameras have time lapse functionality built-in, those options tend to be complicated to use. There are several other time laps camera devices on the market that assist in creating time- lapse photography, including Pico and Camalapse. It’s also worth noting that several rival products on the market require a smartphone or intervalometer to work, and they also tend to be more expensive. TurnsPro, though, offers more customizable options than a number of competing products. Slight drawbacks include the need for a separate thread adapter for GoPro use and the apparent hassle in getting the device to work with some of the larger digital single lens reflex cameras on the market.

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Pico eases time lapses with or without a smartphone

Photographers have many tricks up their sleeves. One of the best is using time lapses to create beautiful images. This consists of taking lots of pictures within a short or long amount of time to capture shooting stars, thunder storms, sunsets or any other very quick or slow moving eye-catching event.

Pico makes it easy to create customized time lapses. The device plugs into your smartphone and then the free app makes it possible to schedule the number, frequency and exposure of desired shots. In addition, the app allows for bulb ramping which makes it possible to change the light for shots going from day to night. Once that’s done, plug Pico into the camera which will obey the program.

If a program is unnecessary, you can use Pico as a simple intervalometer. To do so, press down on Pico and count the number of beeps. Each beep equals one second. When that’s finished, the camera will continue shooting at the desired interval until Pico is unplugged.

Pico plugs into the camera with different cables available that are compatible with 300 different camera models. Plugging into the headphone jack means that Pico is compatible with any iOS or Android smartphones running current or recent software. In addition, this product has a battery life of eight years.

Many cameras have interval options available, but all are difficult to use. Photographers are forced to use little screens and buttons to make their programs, with few options available to them. Pico makes programming a cinch and is small enough to live in the camera bag all the time. It’s unclear if the app saves past programs. If it doesn’t, the creators may want to consider adding such a feature. Backers will need to donate $50 for this product with an estimated delivery date of July 2015. Pico is hoping to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter.