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AK Athletic Kit uses cables for suspension training, gets results without the gym

As gym memberships become more and more expensive, people are exploring new ways to work out. Instead of relying on heavy duty machines for fitness, those looking to get in shape are venturing outside with a few small workout accessories.

patent-claimedThe AK Athletic Kit is a system of handles and cables that offers a suspension training workout. Such a workout uses the body’s weight to provide resistance. To use, attach the cables to something secure and choose the appropriate handle. With the kit, hundreds of different exercises are possible including everything from squats to pull-ups. The kit comes with instructions on how to do each exercise along with guides for circuit training. On Kickstarter, AK is shown in many different settings being used for different types of workouts. One AK Athletic Kit will cost backers a donation of $100 CAD (~$80 USD) for estimated delivery in May 2015. AK is looking for $30,000 CAD (~$23,950 USD) in funding.

While there are scores of fitness products that we’ve seen on Backerjack, such as the coreXtreme, AK sets itself apart. Most of these devices usually focuses on the core, but AK seems to do it all. More importantly, it’s similar to the TRX, a suspension training fitness system that’s currently quite popular.

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