Connected Objects

Amiloom is a digital token to build a circle of friends’ friends

It’s true, we tend to focus more on screens than face-to-face interactions. Amiloom is a product that tries to get people to meet using a small round device that connects to an accompanying app. The idea is to create a group and each member must pass around the Amiloom while inviting new people into the group. In this way, friends can meet friends and maybe future wives, like the creator did. In the video, he speaks in rhymes and talks about how Amiloom could help you meet your future spouse too. Bit of a stretch maybe. While the idea behind this product is noble, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that it connects to your phone. Yes, everyone uses phones so it’s a good way to reach people, but it’s also encouraging more phone use at the same time. It’s also unclear what the actual puck-like object that’s passed around is for. Still, if backers would like to build their social network face-to-face, they can pick up one for $29 for estimated delivery in May 2015. Amiloom hopes to meet a random $108,127 goal on Kickstarter.