IllumiBowl lights up your toilet for targeted tinkling

The bathroom can be an obstacle course for some in that middle of the night run with blinded eyes, fallen in women, and manly messes made and left. The inventor of the Illumibowl wants to light the way to relief with his LED-based toilet bowl light.

The product can be discretely attached to the underside of the bowl and set to a single color or on a color-changing pattern, with everything activated by a motion sensor. The LED is rated to last 100,000 hours of constant use, so you won’t have to worry about dark and scary trips to the bathroom for a long time. With the Illumibowl only costing $15, this can easily be filed under an impulse buy even if the solution is exactly the most elegant or aesthetically pleasing. Still, the campaign has already achieved its goal of $20,000; backers will receive the light by January 2015.