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Any canvas can be a masterpiece with the SprayPrinter

editors-choice-300x96As much as people would like to change it, artistic merit evades most. And while it’s is easy to grab some supplies and a canvas and get to work, lack of ability ends up discouraging people rather quickly. What if a tool existed that could allow anyone to be creative, easily? That’s what the SprayPrinter is.

The SprayPrinter is an accessory that attaches to a spray can and wirelessly interfaces with a smartphone or tablet to allow users to spray any image onto any surface. A user simply sets up the smart device on a tripod or other stand facing the canvas to guide the SprayPrinter and then gets to work. The SprayPrinter then understands exactly where to paint, barring users from ever making mistakes. In the end, a beautiful pre-selected or custom image is printed, making the SprayPrinter perfect for gift-giving, decorating or just having some fun. 

This SprayPrinter is actually the updated version of the successful original and introduces a faster, more accurate nozzle along with the ability for multiple people to work on a single canvas at once. $217 gets backers a starter kit that includes a SprayPrinter v2 and one Montana spray can along with instructions and a tutorial guide for the product, all slated to ship June 2017. Its Kickstarter campaign is looking for $50,000 by December 7th, 2016.

Products that allow less artistically-inclined users to engage with their creatives sides are always a welcome treat, and the SprayPrinter v2 definitely falls into this category. Compared to the more narrow Nailbot, the SprayPrinter v2 boasts a wider range of applications and will make a great gift come this Christmastime.

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