The Trickstick tricks the eye into seeing colorful treats

POV technology, otherwise known as persistence of vision technology, exploits the eyes penchant for completing images even without all the necessary information. Movies were built on that principle, having allowed generations of people to experience a new form of entertainment that is still dominant today.

The Trickstick by Electricks takes the idea of POV and applies it to an unassuming wand. Wave it quickly enough, though, and 128 LEDs work together to produce 60fps images that can be uploaded to it with the use of a companion iOS/Android app. Since each pixel is spaced just 1.5mm apart and with support for a 24-bit full-color image with 4096:1 contrast ratio, bright, vibrant pictures can easily be generated every time, each time displayed correctly by using information from the unit’s accelerometer to ensure accuracy. $109 gets backers their own Trickstick by June 2017 should its Kickstarter campaign raise $98,000 by December 2nd, 2016.

While this tool is mainly for fun, artists and photographers can really take the Trickstick to an entirely different level with its wide range of obvious and potential applications. The Wordee is another gadget similar to the Trickstick, only this one ‘draws with light’ to facilitate anything from language learning to plain old entertainment. Seems like light is becoming a popular medium with which to base new products on.

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