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Ark opens doors to wireless charging on the go

ArkChargerOnly Apple knows for sure why it abstains from supporting wireless standards such as Qi. But if the company did come out with a portable charger, it’s a good bet it would look a lot like the Ark, the rounded square of which resembles the previous generation of its AirPort Extreme router. As with other chargers that support Qi, you lay the phone atop the surface and it simply begins charging. However, since Qi adds a bit of depth to the phone, you may need to add a different back cover or, in the case of the iPhone, a case as the Ark’s creators have. After that, you can fill up the Ark with electricity as if it were Noah’s animals, and set it down on any flat surface deemed worthy to serve as a smartphone refilling station. Set to sail in March 2014, the naked Ark starts at about $65 with a host of other ¬†early bird and reward tiers offering bundles with adapters for the Galaxy S3, S4 and iPhone.

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