ArmRestor tackles distracted driving by keeping essentials close

We spend a lot of time in cars, but they’re not well designed for comfort. ArmRestor tries to change that by providing utility and relaxation. The product affixes to an attachment that slides in between the window and weather stripping on the driver’s door. Coming in both beige and black, ArmRestor features a coin slot, space for general car accoutrements, a tissue dispenser and cup holder. For ease of use, the cup holder moves around and is even detachable so it’s not in the way. The top is lined with foam-filled leather for maximum comfort for your arm.

In the campaign, the creators even claim that the rest is out of your line of sight so it won’t distract your from driving. Provided that the ArmRestor fits into your car, it doesn’t really seem to follow that someone would want to rest their left arm while driving. Usually, the right arm is reaching for stuff and adjusting the music so the left is always on the wheel. In addition, the window sill is usually a sufficient place to rest your arm. Still, interested backers can donate $36 for one by April 2015. This product is looking to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter.

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