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D-Tangle wraps up a quest to manage cord tangling

The mystery of how to keep earbuds from tangling is one that many an inventor sleuth has tried to solve. D-Tangle is one of the newest products dedicated to investigating this common conundrum that riddles the good gadget lovers of the 21st century. The design its creator has invented to solve this precarious puzzle revolves around a proprietary spring and drum system. The user pops the top on a square gadget and places earphone wires inside of the specially designed D-Tangle unit. This allows them to work within a retractable system that rolls them up with the press of a button, or it appears that a gentle tug releases them for use at the user’s will. While fixing the earbud problem may have some merit, there has yet to be anything that is truly effective. Other recent attempts to wrestle with this illusive enigma include MagClip, Tiny Earin, Nunchuk, and Nearbuds and Nearbuddy. This campaign seeks to raise $20,000 by January 2015. For $15, backers get one product in their choice of white, black, blue, red or yellow.

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