Atmo Sfera turntable design adds positive atmosphere to your living room

Vinyl records are currently enjoying somewhat of a renaissance. But the design and appearance of most turntables is fairly standard.

Atmo Sfera, however, represents a new spin on the classic turntable. The most obvious difference between it and typical models is the lack of a platter. Drawbacks of the classic turntable design include heavy weight and a vulnerability to vibration. The unique design of Atmo allows records to spin in the air flawlessly and smoothly.

It also features a small, low torque bipolar motor and Bluetooth stereo connectivity. Atmo Sfera ships in September. Future pricing isn’t provided, but early bird Kickstarter backers can get one with a pledge starting at about $1,010. Its makers hop to raise $45,129 by May 6.

While a niche product, the Sfera should hold appeal for the vinyl aficionados looking for an original take on turntables like this. The most important factor for many of them, however, is likely whether Atmo’s sound quality measures up to a typical high-end, traditional turntable with a platter.

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