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The Lepaq air bag realizes inflated claims of relaxation

When spring and summer finally hits and the parks, rivers, and beaches call, there’s nothing better than spending the day hanging around with friends and family to best take it all in. What doesn’t help is the idea of lugging around different types of foldable, sometimes heavy chairs for comfort. People could sit on blankets and towels, but that’s never as comfortable.

Inspired to create a better alternative, the team behind the Lepaq set out to create a solution — and they have. To the untrained eye, the Lepaq almost looks like a laundry bag but after a simple wave in the air, it immediately fills out to. Close it up, and it becomes a large airbag that three adults can comfortably rest on for six hours at a time — no inflation necessary.

And since it’s made from tough, waterproof parachute material, it can be set out on everything from hard rock to water, all while sporting a tablet pocket, a can/bottle pocket, and a bottle opener. At the end of the day it’s all about the little things, right? $62 gets backers one of five colors slated to ship in June 2016. The Lepaq Indiegogo campaign is looking for $19,000 by May 13th, 2016 to see success.

Lepaq is ingenious in how dead simple it is, both in execution and in actually using it. It makes for a great replacement to bulky outdoor equipment, especially for just a day at the beach or something along the lines, and goes farther than a product like the Leano that requires firm enough ground to offer proper support.

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