Wi-Fi sucks. (But it doesn’t have to.)

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One thing all tech users can agree on is their frustration with Wi-Fi. But, considering consumer Wi-Fi technology hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years, this should come as no surprise. What has happened during the last decade, however, is a rapid influx of tens of millions of Wi-Fi-enabled devices. All of these devices are now operating on a network that carries more than 100 times the amount of data it was designed to carry.

Consumers want faster, more reliable connections that allow them to use all of their devices more easily. But with applications such as HD video streaming, real-time gaming, video chat and more competing for bandwidth, it’s no wonder Wi-Fi sucks.

That is, until today. Portal is now available on Kickstarter.


Award-Winning Device Makes Health Tracking Simple

The following is a sponsored post from Kinsa and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Backerjack’s editorial staff.

IoT just got a little more personal. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a durable, lightweight and battery-free tool that connects directly to your smartphone. Powered by your smartphone, Kinsa is FDA-cleared for oral, underarm, or even rectal use (after a thorough cleaning!). The accompanying Kinsa app (iOS and Android) also allows you to easily track your health data, including temperature readings, symptoms, medication history and any other notes or images.

For parents of young kids, we all know memory space is valuable real estate. To help, Kinsa creates separate profiles for everyone in the family and automatically records any fever readings or symptoms, and allows you to send data directly to the doctor. Taking into account age and fever, Kinsa’s app also offers medical guidance on best next steps, like hydrating and taking acetaminophen, or heading straight to a doctor. But possibly the best part about Kinsa is that it makes the whole temperature-taking process fun for kids. There’s a bubble popping game built into the temperature-taking experience so kids will actually sit still long enough for an accurate reading.

Kinsa aims to be much more than just an innovative connected thermometer. It is one of the first technology products to leverage anonymous, crowdsourced health data to track contagious illnesses. The company’s larger mission is to stop these illnesses from spreading by creating a real-time map of human health. With this health map, Kinsa users can see what’s going around their area, local doctors can arrive at quicker, more informed diagnoses, and communities can be warned of spreading illnesses.

Initially launched via crowdfunding, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer has won numerous design, innovation and parenting awards and been featured in an Apple commercial. Now Backerjack readers can get their own Kinsa Smart Thermometer for just $19.99.