Wi-Fi sucks. (But it doesn’t have to.)

The following is a sponsored post from Ignition Design Labs and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Backerjack’s editorial staff. 

One thing all tech users can agree on is their frustration with Wi-Fi. But, considering consumer Wi-Fi technology hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years, this should come as no surprise. What has happened during the last decade, however, is a rapid influx of tens of millions of Wi-Fi-enabled devices. All of these devices are now operating on a network that carries more than 100 times the amount of data it was designed to carry.

Consumers want faster, more reliable connections that allow them to use all of their devices more easily. But with applications such as HD video streaming, real-time gaming, video chat and more competing for bandwidth, it’s no wonder Wi-Fi sucks.

That is, until today. Portal is now available on Kickstarter.