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Awaken your cycling force with SpeedForce all-in-one cycling device

Cyclists use many assistive devices to make their rides better and easier. Devices like ride trackers and GPS navigation dot the handlebars of cyclists all across the world and while useful, make them extremely cluttered and ungainly to use effectively. How can they be so helpful when there are so many to fiddle around with?

LeMore Lab’s SpeedForce aims to be the one device that brings all of these disparate devices together. It’s all-in-one design makes it so that everything from an integrated 150-lumen headlight works alongside professional grade ride tracking technology that keeps tabs on calories burned, distance travelled and speed, among other stats.
Its battery lasts 40 hours and allows for long stretches of use without the fear of a dead SpeedForce since the battery is removable as well. And that will certainly happen since cyclists will use it often: SpeedForce offers turn-by-turn navigation with its embedded GPS technology, using subtle cues of light on the device itself to direct riders through a connected smartphone or user uploaded directions

Challenges and leaderboards through the SpeedForce app round out the device by adding community aspects, letting riders discover others nearby or even new trails to conquer. $179 gets intrepid cyclists a SpeedForce by March 2016. The campaign is looking for $20,000 before November 27th, 2015 in order to be successful.

SpeedForce is a promising combination of diverse functionality in a slim device that can be installed on the handlebar without fear of theft (unless the thief has lots of cover and time, of course!). A similar product, the SmartHalo, provides GPS navigation with a low-key UI, but lacks the assortment of functionality SpeedForce does. While SpeedForce is impressive in what it does, it — like many other assistive devices for cyclists — flirts with the danger of making cycling about everything else rather than the pure thrill of the activity

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