Back to the Backers: Blu wearable smartphone

Since the advent of the iPhone, smartphones have all generally become the same rectangular slabs of glass and plastic we’ve all come to know, love, and obsess over. So when Blu jumped on the scene this past March with its concept for a hybrid wearable smartphone concept, its innovative design definitely garnered attention — although not enough to raise the close to $500,000 necessary to fund it. Now, Blu is back with another Indiegogo campaign and this time its goal is even loftier, aiming for a cool $1,000,000 in an all-or-nothing fixed funding campaign. That goal will cover the development of the product’s many flexible components, from its F-OLED display, circuit board, and larger capacity 4200mAH battery.

Combined with its onboard 128 GB storage, Snapdragon processor, and completely wireless nature, Blu is poised to be a snappy twist on an established formula. While backers can grab their own for $419 and enjoy a 49% of its eventual retail price, they’ll need to wait. Blu is on track to ship in August 2016.

Blu surely has a lot of promise but will only see success with an agreement from the crowdfunding masses. There’s no word as to why the original campaign failed, but the product’s high cost might be to blame. Although it’s admirable it’s getting back up for Round 2 with an easier-to-swallow product cost, the fight has only gotten tougher with its higher goal and lack of updates from the company itself, irking some potential Blu users. That’s a liability at a time when there are increasing ways to manage a call from your wrist.

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