Batteriser promises to give your batteries up to eight lives

Remember batteries? They used to show up in things like pagers, digital cameras, voice recorders, flashlights and other things that smartphones replaced.  They’re still used in many toys, remote controls and relatively high-tech products such as cordless mice and keyboards as well as smart door locks. And when they run out of juice, they have to be replaced.

Rechargeables are one way to cut down on their consumption. But rechargeables aren’t recommend for all devices and recharging them can be inconvenient. This tends to lead to a lot of waste that could be cut significantly if batteries lasted longer, the goal of Batteriser. According to the campaign, we tap only about 20 percent of an alkaline battery’s energy before it gives up the ghost. The invention is an ultra-thin sleeve that greatly extends the life of the battery with a tiny amount of circuitry that regulates the battery’s voltage. One demonstration shows a flashlight maintaining its output for hours with Batteriser on its batteries while its brightness goes down significantly without it.

The sleeves are available for most popular cylindrical cells )AAA, AA, C and D) and come in a protective case — likely a good idea as they look fairy fragile That leaves out the 9-volt, which is receiving a connected makeover elsewhere. The company  based in Sunnuvale, CA, seeks to raise $30,000 in a flexible funding campaign gin by August 25th. An early bird bundle of $20 will get four AAA and four AA sleeves bettering batteries by November.

Batterizser has not been without controversy, with at least one commentator insisting it is a scam. There are also concerns about its safety that the campaign addresses. But if it can work, it could lead the way to a revolution in how disposable batteries are used. of course, the Duracells and Energizers of the world likely would not be too happy about that, and might find their ow way to integrate a similar technology without requiring any add-ons. But even so, Batteriser would have an advantage since it is reusable. With a projected price of about $2.50 per sleeve, one could quickly recoup the purchase price.


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