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Bikes gear up easy e-conversion with Fusion Sports Drive

editors-choiceThe Premise. Even if electric bicycles offer an ecologically friendly alternative to other means of transportation, inherent battery limitations and companies instituting closed systems have driven prices up. This relegates even the most forward thinking e-bike into ultimately being an expensive curiosity.

The Product. Falco seeks to rattle the electric bicycle market with its Fusion Sports Drive. The company has created a gearless electric drive capable of being installed on pretty much any vehicle with pedals, complimented by a fully open system that allows the user to replace the 50 lithium ion battery with any available on the market. The Fusion Sports Drive boasts an impressive array of features over competing products, with standouts including regenerative braking, smart phone integration, and cardio-controlled biometric training. 

The Pitch. Falco’s Kickstarter campaign is detailed, containing a five-minute video showing the drive and its companion app in rugged action. Diagrams illustrating the product’s features and high quality photos round out the rest, giving you a clear idea of everything the Fusion Sport Drive can do. Falco is looking for a hefty $100,000 infusion to ramp up production and stay ahead of competition. 

The Perks. There are many choices for backers considering their very own Fusion Sports Drive. Those interested can fork over $495 for just the 250W drive and control unit, $695 for the entire 250W road legal system, or up to $1,095 for the “limited edition” 350W model. These are all subject to specific country requirements and are slated for delivery in April 2015. 

The Potential. Compared to much of the competition, the Fusion Sports Drive is light-years ahead. Their feature set is very advanced for this type of product, with the cardio-controlled biometric interaction being the runaway star. Falco has created a product which has a very competitive price point, successfully utilizes our smartphones in an intelligent way, and pushes e-bike technology forward by being as open as it is. Still, the conversion price may not court many casual riders. Falco’s main challenge will be expanding the market for those wanting an easy, connected e-bike experience.