Tablet Accessories

SpinPadGrip keeps nearly any tablet stable in your hand or as a stand

Tablets are a much larger and thus much easier to use as an alternative to getting things done on a small smartphone screen. Note that it was stated that they are easier to use, not to hold. Ending the problem of the rotating, uncomfortable, fumbling tablet is SpinPadGrip. SpinPadGrip is a universal gadget that clips onto the back of any tablet and provides multiple ways to keep a tablet comfortably upright. It can function as an adjustable stand not unlike Microsoft’s kickstand, or it can be worn around the wrist and supporting with the fingers to be safe in hand, but not sliding out.

SpinPadGrip is fully rotational for any orientation and also lays flat when it needs to. The device is attached simply by pressing it against the back and then sliding the switch at the top. This same switch is used to disengage the SpinPadGrip, making it easy to use with multiple devices, or remove when trading in or selling a tablet to upgrade to a new one. XPAL Power and Smart Design need $35,000 to begin selling SpinPadGrip, and weary tablet users can hold onto one with a $25 pledge, delivered in November 2014. SpinPadGrip looks great now, but may be obsolete once more Surface copycats arrive.

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