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NFC bracelet lets you get things started with leather

NFC bracelets are a quick and easy way to interact with smartphones and other devices to share information or interact with a specific feature, but they can be flimsy and don’t always look stylish. The NFC Leather Bracelet does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a leather bracelet with a button snap that contains three different NFC chips for multiple functions. The simple brown leather is more stylish than a neon silicone band, and the snap makes it easy to put on or remove, not to mention how much harder it is to break.

The three chips are located at different parts of the bracelet, so as to avoid accidental tripping of unwanted activity. Compatible with NFC software available on most major app stores, the Leather NFC Bracelet is easy to set up and easy to customize as needs change. The bracelet requires no batteries, and so it doesn’t ever need a charge. All orders are being custom-sized to fit any backer’s wrist. The NFC Leather Bracelet needs €1,600 (~$2,000) for supplies and packaging. A bracelet will be sent out in October 2014 for just €10 (~$12). It’s simple, but it gives owners function without sacrificing style.

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