Bottle Opener Board helps you slice, opens soda for ice

For those who like to enjoy a beer along with their cooking preparations, Bottle Opener Board (BOB for short) is likely to be your best buddy forever in the kitchen or at the grill. The Bamboo cutting board sports a bottle opener at the end of its handle (or in the corner for the travel size version) so that when you’re on a roll with that knife and somebody wants a drink, you just slide BOB over so your guests can pop their top. Now, if you’re going on a picnic or doing some camping, BOB might be just the thing. However, you might be just as well served by putting a bottle opener on your key ring or making certain to bring along your Swiss Army Knife — unless you’re going to be with an uptight group of stuffy accountants or attorneys and you want an effective conversation starter. For a pledge of at least $9, a backer gets a travel-size BOB (more like Newhart), or for at least $20, a standard-sized BOB (smaller than Saget). Either option has an expected delivery date of June 2014.

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