Tablet Accessories

Branch holds up your tablet, isn’t as big as a tree

The capabilities of tablets have grown more and more ever since the first tablet came out. Now they not only take wonderful photos or control our smart home devices, but also provide entertainment in the form of Netflix streaming and e-books.

The Branch tablet stand makes it possible to read or watch anything on a tablet in bed or on the couch. This stand features a long base that bends in the middle for optimum viewing angle. With an elaborate metal and rubber clamp, the tablet will be sure to stay in place. In addition, the part of Branch that attaches to the tablet can be removed, making it easy to use at a desk or table. This stand is also compatible with keyboards.

Branch’s creator claims it’s the perfect device for at home or on the go. The stand looks a little bulky to be carried around, even in its most minimal form. It doesn’t appear to fold up at all either. There are plenty of other portable tablet stands out there for those needing them. However, this is a nifty stand for at home, especially as tablets become a bigger and bigger part of daily life. Backers can have their own for £65 (~$102) for delivery in April 2015. Branch is looking to raise £19,500 (~$30,500) on Kickstarter.

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