Helmetor lets your bike hold your helmet when you’re not using your head

What the heck do we do with our helmets when we aren’t on our bikes anymore? This is an issue many cyclists have faced, only to avoid even taking the helmet at all to avoid making the decision. While usually we applaud pragmatism here at Backerjack, pragmatism that puts you in danger is out of the question. This is why the Helmetor is answering the question themselves with their bike or wall-mounted helmet holder.

When attached to a wall, it’s a place to store to easily store your helmet, but the product shines when attached to the handlebars of your ride. The Helmetor is lightweight, resistant to weather, extremely durable, and most importantly out of the way while riding. Riders can even lock the helmet in place, making the option of leaving outside along with your bike a more attractive one. As much as the Helmetor promotes helmet use, this still won’t be the elixir to convince the majority of riders who don’t use a helmet now otherwise, unfortunately. In any case, the Helmetor is just £12 (~$19), and is estimated to be delivered by February 2015. The campaign is looking for £17,250 (~$27,200) for production costs.

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