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Burger Lift boosts burgers over greasy puddles

Burger Lift  62772db56538e8059fef4e71c633ca0d_large[1]There are those who like burgers because they are a quick and easy meal, and then there are those who are burger connoisseurs. The difference? Quick and easy mealers are not bothered by the puddle of grease that gathers beneath their burger. In fact, they will even sop it up with the bun. On the other hand, a burger connoisseur would declare such an encounter a meal-ruining travesty and demand a new burger. Like a bridge over dribbled slaughter, the stainless steelĀ Burger Lift provides the perfect rescue for your sop-sensitive palateĀ . For $15, a backer gets a pair of the sandwich accessories. Expected delivery is August 2014.

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