Bye Bye Bubba can help tame toddler tantrums

Every parent appreciates pacifiers. After all, it’s the ultimate tool for stopping the screeching sounds of a crying baby. This all works great until a baby becomes a toddler and it’s time to wean him or her off of the pacifier.

Bye Bye Bubba was invented to sooth the squealing and shrieking that often accompanies this sometimes challenging transition. Comfort from a pacifier comes from the sucking motion, so the Bye Bye Bubba gadget works in three distinct stages. Each stage includes a pacifier with a shorter nipple, making it more difficult for toddlers to get any satisfaction from their pacifier, which is then supposed to lead to them kicking the habit.

It’s questionable as to whether this product can truly persuade toddlers to put down their pacifiers because there are days when it’s easier to negotiate with a terrorist than a toddler. Nevertheless, it may be worth checking into further. Other items that may help parents sneakily modify their kids behavior include GeoBunnies and WetHeads. This campaign seeks to raise $98,730 by April 30, 2015. Early bird backers get one three piece set for $15 with an expected delivery of October 2015.

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